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WrapKing is a custom car wrap and window tint shop in Markham, ON that focuses on making your hot rod look amazing by offering the very best custom car wrap and window tint services. We engage in high quality foil-wrapping and car styling of high end vehicles for a truly unique look. Each custom car wrap is designed with your desired themes in mind and is fitted to your car's exact dimensions. We only use high quality material to make our custom car wraps and we are meticulous in our application process to produce a flawless installation. 

Our versatile services include but are not limited to:

We are an international company (the Toronto branch of WOO) and have been applying car wraps and foils for over 4 years now all over the world. In addition to our custom car wraps, we also offer quality window tinting to make your windows look as good as the rest of your vehicle. We are just as careful when applying your window tint and will not quit until you are completely satisfied. Contact WrapKing today for a premium service in wrapping your vehicle in the best materials with professional installation!


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We Are An International Company That Has Been In Business For 5+ Years

We Offer Lifetime Warranties

We Offer High Quality Products and Professional Installation

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Our Services

Car Wash


At WrapKing, we are dedicated to giving your car the best treatment you can find in and around Markham, ON. We offer top of the line car wash services

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Tint Repair


At WrapKing we additionally offer window tint repair services for when your windows lose that darkening that you love. Don't give up your privacy when your tinting starts to fade

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Window Tinting


Window tinting does not just look really good with out custom car wraps, but it also serves many functions to keep your car cool inside. Our window tint kits

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Custom Car Wraps


Applying a custom car wrap to your vehicle serves many purposes, but it especially make your car design more attractive and unique. Originally created to add advertising imagery on the surface

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Paint Protection Film (3M & Llumar)


WrapKing also offers paint protection film by 3M and Llumar to give your car surface an effective shield from scratches just like our custom car wraps and window tints. We offer three styles

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