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    I took my mazda 6 done a roof wrap, calipers and rims painted. Im happy with the service that i got. I like the fact the have a lifetime warranty on Tint and 5 years on wraps. Im very happy with the service that i got. I will recommend to anybody that i know.

    Good job guys!

  • *****

    nice and clean job.

  • *****

    found this shop on groupon really good deal and perfect job

  • *****

    I made an appointment a month ago to wrap the entire surface of my car. Now, I just got my car back and I'm satisfied with it!!! Amazing job!!!There are several places could do the same work. But I compared the price, materials and services. It definitely a great choice if you wanna have a awesome fancy car!!!

  • *****

    cheapest window tinting with no bubble
    best service I have ever received, no bubble at all.

  • *****


  • *****

    clean job, lowest price I find in Toronto

  • *****

    only cost me 180$ to tint all the windows. Perfect job, no bubble.

  • *****

    Good service and price. only 150$ on the groupon deal for 4 windows. But still need to pay tax, even u pay

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